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August 2023
Social Media | Online Store | Video | Graphic Design
One Society Men's Grooming Products

The Challenge & Solution

One Society Men’s Grooming Products partnered with MYG for a digital transformation and upgrade. We worked alongside them to improve thier already brilliant online store making it more informative and developed a user-friendly. It assisted in showcasing their premium products and redesigned their packaging for a more appealing look and modern feel. Our social media expertise alongside their creativity helped to increase brand exposure and engagement with a higher frequency of posts, captivating in-action shots, and compelling videos used on their website. Additionally, we helped to create a partner site for efficient wholesale product distribution, streamlining B2B transactions. This comprehensive approach has significantly boosted One Society’s brand presence and online sales, solidifying their position in the competitive grooming industry. Onesociety continues to grow and work with us to maximise its online potential.