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August 2023
Social Media | Websites
The Great British Barber Bash

The Challenge & Solution

Manage Your Gram successfully addressed The Great British Barber Bash’s needs by revitalising their online presence. GBBB sought assistance in rebranding and optimising their website, aiming to showcase events, training programs, and their contributions to the barber industry. Manage Your Gram redesigned the website for improved user-friendliness, seamlessly integrating partner and ticketing systems, and connecting it with their email marketing platform. This transformation led to increased website traffic, higher conversions, improved loading times, and responsive design across all devices. In parallel, our dynamic social media campaigns effectively promoted their events, including the Barber Bash, Barber Battles and in-event presentations, resulting in high engagement and attendance. The collaboration strengthened The Great British Barber Bash’s brand identity and online influence, marking a successful partnership with Manage Your Gram. We look forward to continuing to support their mission in the barber industry going forward.